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Local Conference of Youth

Welcome to the Local Conference of Youth (LCOY), the ultimate gathering for young climate enthusiasts! As the official event of YOUNGO, the youth wing of the UNFCCC, LCOY brings together passionate young people from around the globe to dive into climate change and environmental action. Held annually just before the UN Climate Change Conference (COP), LCOY is where the magic begins.

What makes LCOY special?

Platform for Youth Voices: LCOY provides a platform for young people to voice their opinions, ideas, and solutions on climate change issues.


Connection to COP: LCOY events serve as a preparatory space for the annual Conference of the Parties (COP), ensuring that youth perspectives are well-represented in global climate negotiations.


Community Building: LCOY brings together young climate activists, fostering a sense of community and encouraging collaboration among youth from different regions and backgrounds.

About LCOYs


Global Shapers, Climate Reality Project, LCOY, UNFCCC, and YOUNGO create a powerful platform for young people to actively engage in global climate discussions and policy-making. 


LCOYs empower youth by providing opportunities to exchange ideas, build networks, and develop skills necessary for effective participation in international climate negotiations. This engagement is crucial as the world reaches a tipping point, with the largest youth population in history poised to confront global challenges and offer innovative solutions.


Youth Led

Together, these initiatives bridge the gap between grassroots youth-led movements and global climate policy, ensuring that young individuals with exceptional potential and energy contribute to a more sustainable, peaceful, and inclusive world.

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