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We are Global Shapers
– a network of young professionals driving dialogue, action, and change.

Local Conference of Youth

Young people gathered to shape the future and develop ideas for a sustainable, greener world.


We connect partners
to drive local change
with global perspective.

It's 2011 and the World Economic Forum just founded a network of inspiring young professionals – under the age of 30 – to empower young people to play an active role in shaping local, regional, and global agendas.

The Global Shapers Community was born.

A decade later, there are 14,000+ Shapers in 456 city-based hubs in 150 countries – that is, self-organising young professionals who are exceptional in their potential, achievements, and their drive to contribute to their communities through impact projects.

Global Shapers Malmö address the various challenges Sweden is currently facing through local social impact projects strengthened by global, future-proof perspectives.
Our projects are born in different ways:

  • ​In the minds of our hub members in dialogue with public & private organisations, or

  • As scaling initiatives of already existing projects.

Our purpose is to shape the future of Malmö and drive transformative social impact by facilitating partnerships & acting as a platform for dialogue. All projects and consulting engagements are executed by the young professionals in our hub pro bono.

Does your organisation sit with a challenge you think we can help with? Do you need a sounding board for a big decision you need to take? Or are you looking for a scaling partner for your idea?

We would love to hear from you.

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Our hub members.

We are entrepreneurs. Founders. Consultants. Innovation Managers. Project Managers. Sustainability Specialists. Organisation Developers. Venture Developers. Students. Teachers. Researchers.
Compassionate leaders, ever-curious to listen and learn from others.

From 10 countries with a shared love for Malmö & Skåne.

Are you the next Global Shaper?
Applications to the Global Shapers Community are open to young people aged 18–27 from all kinds of backgrounds who show a commitment to bring about positive social impact in collaboration with other Shapers and the Malmö community. Our recruitment rounds are open twice a year.

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We believe in a world where young people

and the power of diversity are central to solution-building.


Leveraging Diversity as Capital

Local projects with global perspective are why we exist.
The Global Shapers Community is more than just discussions. Social impact projects – designed, structured, and executed by hub members – are at the very heart of our work.

Our impact projects in Malmö are largely influenced by what makes Malmö so unique. According to Forbes, Malmö is one of the world's most inventive & innovative cities, with the 2nd highest number of start-ups per capita in Europe, with 170+ nationalities & 150+ languages represented in Malmö.

We believe in leveraging such diversity to drive positive change for all.

Our current & past projects include:

  • Climate Champions Fellowship – A project developed through the Climate Reality Project Incubator focusing on connecting youth to impact opportunities and training them to be local leaders. (Original)

  • Diversity as Capital – Empowering marginalised youth in Malmö to acquire skills & insights to better access & thrive in the future of work (hub original)

  • Rainbow Ally – Sparking conversations & increasing LGBTQ+ inclusion in the workplace through allyship (hub original)

  • Children's Savings Book – Equipping children with the knowledge to build a more financially secure future for themselves & their families (scaling project)

  • Herizon – Providing real-life inclusive opportunities for women in tech through growth-hacking & job matching (scaling project)

  • Davos Lab Dialogues – Creating a post-Covid recovery plan through local multi-stakeholder dialogue for glocal solutions rooted in community needs (past project)

  • COVID Action in Europe – Combatting Covid-19 misinformation in collaboration with WHO Europe (past project)

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