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Sweden LCOY 2024

WHEN: August 8, 9 & 10
WHERE: Malmö

WHO: Anyone aged 18-30 is welcome

Climate change is happening now!

Make your voice heard to protect our planet 


Our mission at Sweden LCOY is to offer a comprehensive guide on engaging with sustainable policy changes to enhance the environment, advance climate science, promote sustainable innovation in a developing cityscape, and secure a sustainable future.

Youth Empowerment and Engagement:

Our program introduces participants to the impactful roles of youth organizations in Europe, focusing on empowerment at both local and national levels. By promoting holistic development, respecting individual differences, and enhancing workability, we aim to build self-confidence and foster local empowerment.

Collaborations with Businesses:

We explore partnerships between youth organizations and companies to promote sustainability and social responsibility. These collaborations provide tailored support and gradual work integration, creating opportunities for those far from the regular labour market.

Policy Influence and Advocacy:

Our initiative empowers participants to influence policy, especially regarding environmental and climate issues, through youth organizations. By promoting a sustainable approach to employment, we support environmental advocacy and prepare young people to lead in these crucial areas.

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